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Professional Development


  1. Meet basic licensing requirements.
  2. Make a professional development plan that includes your goals for increasing educational level for all childcare staff.
  3. Complete training on Medication Administration, CPR and First Aid, Environment rating scales, etc.
  4. Conduct a program assessment by using an assessment tool such as an Environment Rating Scale, according to the type of child care modality, for quality improvement and to meet credentialing and accreditation requirements.
  5. Learn about the different accreditation and credential programs available. 
  6. Contact our agency to request onsite intensive technical assistance services for quality improvement which consist of:

Orientation Visit – Meet with the program director/provider to discuss the process of the consultation services. 

Initial Observation Visit:  Provide a 3 hour observation using the appropriate Environment Rating Scale.  Meet with the program director and/or staff/provider and/or assistant for a brief meeting to discuss questions that could not be answered by observation alone.

Review of Observation Results/Development of Improvement Plan:  A written report of the observation findings will be sent prior this visit. Meet with the program director and/or staff/provider and/or assistant for a brief meeting to discuss the observation findings and together choose 2 -3 areas that could benefit from training, couching or modeling that will be the basis of the improvement plan.

On-site Technical Assistance Visits/Telephone Consultation:  The improvement plan will specify the number of on-site visits to be made by the Technical Assistance Specialist and the focus of the training, coaching, or modeling during those visits.  Telephone consultation will be provided on anas needed/requested basis.

Final Observation Visit:  Provide a 1 to 2hour observation using section of the appropriate Environment Rating Scale that address the areas of focus in the improvement plan. 

Final Technical Assistance Visit:  A written report of the observation findings will be sent prior this visit.  Meet with the program director and/or staff/provider and/or assistant to discuss the observation findings and possible next steps for continuation of improvement activities.

7.  Learn about QUALITYstarsNY, which is a quality rating and improvement system designed for all types of early childhood programs. Using‘star ratings’ (one to five stars), like those used for movies and restaurants, QUALITYstarsNY offers easy access to information for parents, programs and policymakers.  QUALITYstarsNY isa voluntary system that will be available to all regulated programs serving young children in centers, schools and homes. It provides guidance, support and resources for technical assistance and professional development so that programs improve their quality rating over time.  Star ratings are based on an evaluation and assessment of practices in the following categories: 

  • Learning Environment
  • Family Engagement
  • Qualifications and Experience
  • Management & Learning


  • FCC: Family Child Care
  • CENTER: Center Staff
  • SA: School Age Staff
  • DIR: Center and School Age Directors
  • PreK: Pre-Kindergarten
  • REL: Relative Caregivers
  • UNR: Unregulated Providers
  • PAR: Parents
  • ALL: All Audiences



  • FA 1: Safety
  • FA 2: Healthy
  • FA 3: Learning Environment
  • FA 4: Physical
  • FA 5: Cognitive
  • FA 6: Communication
  • FA 7: Creative
  • FA 8: Self
  • FA 9: Social
  • FA 10: Guidance
  • FA 11: Families
  • FA 12: Program Management
  • FA 13: Professionalism