352-358 Classon Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238 Office: 718.398.2050

Our Mission

The mission of CDSC is to provide programs that empower families by helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for successful living in today’s society.

CDSC carries out this mission by:

  • Developing a community action plan that is based upon strategic planning;
  • Coordinating and collaborating with other community-based efforts to develop partnerships, maximize resources, and enhance existing service delivery systems;
  • Identifying service gaps;
  • Advocating for the needs of families, youth, individuals, and low income persons;
  • Developing services that are relevant and needed;
  • Leveraging funds for needed community services;
  • Encouraging services that are accessible, culturally sensitive, family-friendly, and responsive.


CDSC’s staff recognizes that a thriving community is measured by how well it takes care of its members, especially its most vulnerable.  Together with policy makers, community members and partnerships with broad low-income representation, we ensure comprehensive support service delivery systems that promote self-sufficiency, pride and community spirit for the people in Central Brooklyn.

We pride ourselves in offering relevant quality services to the community in a caring and respectful manner.  In order to maintain high standards of service, we internally practice the values that we seek to foster in the community.  Those values include quality work, honesty, and mutual respect, along with teamwork and creativity in problem solving.