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Child Care Services

We are a leading expert in the field of early childhood education with decades of experience in aiding child care professionals to nurture healthy children.  We are committed to improving the quality, availability, and affordability of child care in New York City.
 We advocate for improvement in the profession by helping to develop and shape policies that impact early care, child welfare, and education issues in New York State.  We promote a positive public image and perception of the value of the child care profession, and we support the career development of early childhood education professionals. 

CDSC is a member of  the New York City Child Care Resource and Referral (NYC CCR&R) Consortium and the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRA).  CCR&R’s provide outreach to parents, employers, organizations, service providers and the public sector throughout the five boroughs in New York City.  Our services help families and communities ensure that their children receive the best possible early childhood experience available. 

Through our child care resource and referral services, CDSC helps to increase the supply of quality childcare in New York City by helping caregivers access child development training and certification. 

CDSC is a NYS Best Practices Certified agency since 2006.

CCR&R Program Description

OCFS provides funding and supervision to support and enhance the child care services delivered  by CCR&R agencies for children and families throughout New York State. Parents, child care providers and employers throughout New York State consider CCR&R agencies an integral component of the child care service system. CCR&R agencies provide multiple services to the child care community, including:

  • Assisting families in making informed decisions about child care by offering them centralized information on available services and by facilitating the process in finding care that meets their needs;
  • Educating families regarding the evaluation process necessary to determine quality child care; the assessment data provides families with necessary information when selecting a new child care arrangement and for the important process of monitoring care for their children;
  • Assisting families in locating financial aid to pay for care;
  • Expanding the supply of child care by working with OCFS Regional Offices and Local Departments of Social Services to recruit and train new providers;
  • Working with OCFS Regional Offices to supply Health Care Consultancy services to assist providers in meeting the regulatory requirements of administering medication to children in care;
  • Enrolling and monitoring legally-exempt child care providers as required by the NYS Code of Rules and Regulations, Title 18 (NYCRR Parts 415.4 and 415.9);
  • Serving as sources of information to employers who want to assist their workers find quality child care
  • CCR&Rs offer training, technical assistance, publicity and other child care services designed to support and enhance providers’ expertise to operate successful child care businesses;

Source: Office of Children and Family Services